Husqvarna ELR20 14" Diamond Ring Saw Blade


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Husqvarna Elite-Ring R20 (ELR20) Diamond Ring Saw Blade

Developed for fast cutting in universal construction materials, with a focus on hard materials like hard cured concrete, medium cured concrete, medium concrete, granite, marble and natural stone.

Husqvarna Diamond Blades ELITE-RING R20 (Gold)Ring Saw Blade

  • Wet Use Only
  • 14” Diameter
  • Drive disk included with Husqvarna ELR20 Ring Saw Blade
  • Smooth and Free-Cutting Start
  • Fast cutting with depth up to 10.6"
  • Total segment height .35" Segment Height
  • Long blade life at a great value
  • Segmented Blade Configuration
  • 22 Diamond Segments, Elite Segment Shape, .17” Segment Width
  • Minimum-Maximum Power Range: 4-11 Hp

Optimal use on these materials:

Cured concrete (medium), Cured Concrete (hard), and Concrete (medium)

Also works well on these materials:

Reinforced Concrete, Soft Concrete, Hard Concrete, Natural Stone, Marble, and Granite, Brick and Block materials.

Compatible with these Husqvarna Power Cutters

Husqvarna Elite Ring R20 Ring Saw Blade fits 4 different Husqvarna Ring Saw Machines including: Husqvarna K970, K7000, K6500, K3600 MKII

Smooth and free-cutting start

The design of the 22 diamond segment provides a reduced contact with the surface, allowing for a quick start in a controlled manner, when applying a new ring saw blade.


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