Tool Repair

Rocket Supply Tool & Equipment Repair 

At Rocket Supply, we offer a variety of tool repair services and replacement parts. Our expert tool technicians are able to repair just about any tool including:

  • Vacuums
  • Air Tools
  • Electric Tools
  • Concrete Grinders
  • Burnishers
  • Stone Routers
  • Auto scrubbers
  • Concrete Saws
  • Shot Blasters
  • Scrapers
  • And more

Denver tool repair services start at $87.50/hour and vary based on the type of tool and complexity of the repair. 

Before replacing your old tool, consider taking your items to Rocket Supply for tool repair. Our experts are experienced in all types of tool repair and will service your broken tool at a lower cost than replacing the item. 

Contact us to inquire and schedule your repair!


Note: You must be able to bring your tool into the Rocket Supply location. We do not offer pick-up, drop-off, or mail-in repair services.

Other Repair Services

Need something else repaired in the Denver area? We offer other repair services like:

Demo Saw Repair and Rebuild


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Concrete Grinder and Vacuum Repair


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Gym Equipment Repair


Don’t waste your money repurchasing expensive gym equipment. Get it repaired by the experts at Rocket Supply instead! Our trained technicians are ready to service your exercise equipment with specialized repair and preventative maintenance plans.

We understand the importance of providing quality on-going gym equipment repair and maintenance services. Not only are we confident that we can fix your issue, but we are committed to delivering lasting results that don’t cost a fortune, which is why we offer continuous maintenance plans. Major repairs can be costly and inconvenient. Ditch the ‘out of order’ sign and sign up for preventative care; we guarantee that our trusted technicians will be able to service your equipment so unexpected break downs are a thing of the past! 

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Core Bit Re-Tipping/Re-Segmenting


Why buy a new core bit when you can get your segment re-tipped/re-segmented for a fraction of the price!

Getting your barrels re-tipped is a great way to save money on diamond drills, with savings of up to 50% per drill. We offer a comprehensive re-tipping service and can usually have re-tip diamond drills back to you by the next day. 

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