Diteq Hycon 16" Ring Saw


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Diteq Hycon 16" Ring Saw

The Diteq Hycon 16" Ring Concrete Saw offers top safety with the built-in ASCO System (Automatic Safety Cut off). The tool automatically cuts off if the ring jams - no injury to the operator.

This hydraulic Diteq Hycon 16" Ring Concrete Saw offers you the most overall efficient and productive 11-3/4” deep cutting. All parts of the Diteq Hycon 16" Ring Saw run in oil - no downtime and service is next to nothing.

The HYCON ring saw has a unique design and state of the art drive mechanism that will give you many hours of use and long lasting wearing parts that will ensure you low operating cost. Investing in a ring saw is investing in more work because it will cut 11-3/4” deep compared to common Gas or hydraulic circular hand saws that only cut up to 5-5/8 It is also investing in higher efficiency because it will cut 11-3/4 deep resulting in less work afterward (e.g. a doorway) and less after work means job done faster and much cheaper!

Diteq Hycon 16" Ring Saw Features:

  • Concrete Saw has Upgraded Heavy Duty motor design.
  • This concrete saw is compact, lightweight 24 Lbs
  • Up to 18 HP Output
  • Slab Saw has ASCO Safety System
  • Cuts up to 11-3/4" deep
  • Wet use only
  • Ergonomic design for operator comfort
  • This concrete saw works underwater
  • Minimal maintenance, & easy service
  • Guide rollers last 3 time longer than competitors saws.
  • Improved blade design
  • This concrete saw has long lifetime - all parts run in oil
  • Slab saw has easy change of blades
  • 1/3 less cutting cost than chainsawing

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