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Diteq C-50AX Brute Notched 16" Ring Saw Blade (D10178)

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Diteq 16 Inch Ring Saw Blade - C-50AX Arix G3 Brute

Diteq Hycon 16" Ring Saw Blade - Diteq (D10178)

Diteq C-50AX BRUTE Notched 16" Ring Saw Blade for Diteq Hycon 16" Ring Saw
  • Faster cutting in the hardest concrete
  • Fits Partner & Hycon and other ring saws
  • Drive wheel included with each blade
  • Wet use only 

Diteq C-50AX BRUTE Notch 16" Ring Saw Blade (D10178)

Aggressive Segment Design combined with our G3 ARIX Advanced multi-layered diamond segments with precise distribution of diamond particles throughout the segment. This enables the blades to have a superior cutting capacity, longer life, and a smooth, rapid cutting.

  • Blade Application - Made for cutting Reinforced Concrete
  • Blade Diameter - 16 Inch
  • Segment Height - .393" or 10 mm
  • Segment Style - BRUTE Arix Notched
  • Arix G3 Technology
  • Diteq Hycon Ring Saw - Model HRS 400 Ring Saw
  • 3.2 lb Shipping Weight

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