Diteq (D10077) C-51AX 14" Ringsaw Blade for Reinforced Concrete


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Diteq (D10077) 14" Ringsaw Blade C-51AX - 14" X .160" X .393 (10 MM) Segments

Diteq Product (D10077) - 14 Inch Ringsaw Blade with Arix Diamond Technology that quickly fits Hycon Ring Saws. Diteq C-51AX Dimensions - 14" X .160" X .393" -14" Diameter, .160" Width, 10 MM Segment Height.  Reinforced Concrete Blade Application - Soft / Medium Aggregate Surface.

Diteq D10077 Ringsaw Blade C-51AX 14 Inch - ARIX Diamond Blade Technology:

  • Blade Application: Reinforced Concrete
  • 10 mm segments
  • Flat Top ARIX Segment Style
  • ARIX Technology
  • Soft/Medium Aggregate
  • Wet use only
  • Fast Cutting
  • Long Blade Life

Diteq Arix Technology Explained - How ARIX Delivers Faster Cutting Speed AND Longer Blade Life:   

It’s a long-held scientific theorem that cutting speed and tool life have an inverse relationship for diamond blades.  Cutting faster typically shortens blade life with reinforced concrete blades.  Diteq created Arix Diamond Technology to allow for fast cutting speed while maintaining the quality of the blade, resulting in longer blade life than traditional Ring Saw Blades. In field use, Diteq ARIX blades typically deliver 50% faster cutting speed with 30% longer blade life.

The secret is in precise control of the space between individual diamond particles. By being able to precisely arrange each diamond throughout all dimensions of a segment, each is provided an uncompromised support structure that ensures it will emerge in the proper place, at the proper time to provide maximum cutting speed and performance. And because the support structure is not compromised by random-placed particles, it holds each diamond in place more securely to deliver vastly improved life. 





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