Diteq GC-45AX Orange Liberty Bell Blade - Green Concrete Blade (D22683)


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Diteq (D22683) 6" GC-45AX Liberty Bell Blade - Orange Color d

Use Diteq DD2683 Orange Blade - Use for cutting Green Concrete 

Diteq Orange Liberty Bell blades use ARIX™ technology to cut smoother with less vibration. This helps to prevent crushing when cutting across existing cut lines.  Available in many different diameters. Diteq GC-45AX Arix Patented Liberty Bell shaped arbor hole fits all Soff-Cut® saws perfectly. Same color-coded application specifications as Soff-Cut® specifications for easy conversion. 

Please contact Rocket Supply if you need pricing or additional size options to order in store.

Diteq GC-45AX Orange Liberty Bell Blade Features: 

  • Fits Soff Cut Husqvarna Soff-Cut 4000 Model and Husqvarna Soff-Cut 4200  
  • Patented Liberty Bell Shaped Arbor Hole fits Soff-Cut Saws perfectly
  • No need for an adaptor
  • Arix Technology - cuts smooth with limited vibration
  • Blade Application - use on Green Concrete
  • Same color-coded applications for Soff Cut Specifications - Easy conversion

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