Rocket STAR 4 Inch Wet Polishing Pads for Engineered Stone and Granite Polishing

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Rocket STAR 3-Step Polishing Pads - 4" Wet Polishing Pads 

In a 3-step diamond polishing system, quality and the price will truly set the pads apart. Cheap simply will not work. Rocket Star 3 Step Polishing Pad system uses only three polishing pad steps instead of the common seven step full polish kit, which means this product is a huge time and money saver. Rocket Star Polishing Pads work great on granite and engineered stone, ideal for light colored materials. Must be used with water, and on a 4"-5" variable speed angle grinder or polisher.

If not used on a variable speed tool, a single-speed power tool will run too fast and the polish pads can detach from the backer pad and cause injury to the user. 

Don't let the low price fool you. great polishing results using Rocket Star Pads for on these inexpensive pads. Sharp, wear-resistant and high efficiency. This set of diamond polishing pads and one backer pads made of high quality diamond powder and resin powder which increase durability for a long serving time and has a high performance of polishing.

Rocket Star 3 Ste Pads polish concrete and terrazzo surfaces with outstanding finish and gloss. These are pads for professionals and DIY-ers.


Rocket STAR 3-Step Polishing Pads Features

  • Better quality finish than traditional 7 step pads
  • 40%-60% faster shop production
  • 1 diamond polishing pad to polish marble, granite, quartz stone
  • Priced at the traditional 7 step quality polish pad price


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