Forte Tools F 26 HEPA Dust Extractor with Three Stage Filtering System

Forte Tools

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Forte Tools F-26 HEPA Dust Extractor with two stage Filtering System 

Forte F 26 HEPA Dust Extractor Vacuum features 3 individual Motors: each motor has it's own individual switch to control on/off.  This options allows professionals to choose how many motors to run, based on individual project scenarios, which will save energy and extend switch life and product lifespan.

 Forte F-26 Dust Extractor Machine with 2 phase filtering system, including a 1st stage pre conical filter as well as a second stage HEPA H13 Filter. The HEPA filter is individually tested and certified complying H13 EN1822:2209. Equipped with the HEPA H13 Filter, the Forte F-26 Vacuum can separate 0.3um dust with an efficiency >99.7%, ensuring a high standard of quality and safety.

Forte Tools F-26 HEPA Extractor Vacuum has a strong, sturdy frame made of all metal, as well as 4 pieces of frame that add additional support to strengthen the frame structure. Much stronger frame than comparable brands that do not have the additional metal frame support. Ensures safety for operators of the machine, as well as preventing accidental damage from structural failure that might lead to damage.

The Forte F-26 hepa dust extractor machine uses a unique reverse-air cleaning technology, which safely and conveniently cleans the filter in an effective way.  Reverse Air Cleaning system prevents dust and debris from clogging the filter, and thereby maintaining a consistent, normal airflow. With the technology, you do not have to open a vacuum to clean filter and create a potentially dangerous dust hazard. 

Another unique feature from Forte Tools F26 Dust Extractor is the solid 10 inch non marking tires - round, solid rubber wheels. Non marking on all surfaces, including wood, carpet, and all flooring surfaces.  Prevent damage from moving the equipment wherever needed, as well as piece of mind while climbing stairs and different levels.

Forte easy release clip to make filter changing process much easier and faster than with comparable machines from other brands.

Forte Tools features a special designed switch replacement panel, shortening switch replacement time to just a few minutes.  Forte F26 has an easy cleaning system, including 4 piece ball plunger system ( vs. 2 piece for other machines) to smoothen out inlet plate sliding up/down process.


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