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Fein Super Cut 450 Tool With Case

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Fein Super Cut 450 Tool With Case

Fast track that interior project or those unfinished renovations with a lot more power from the superlative Fein oscillating supercut. The high performance system exceeds any other work output and proficiency. It is specially equipped to deal with but not limited to plastic, drywall, metal and woodwork of industrial proportions. The Fein oscillating supercut’s unparalleled durability and craftsmanship makes slow progress a thing of the past.

The Fein SuperCut Construction is the specialist among oscillating power tools. It is indispensable in industries requiring a special accessory for particular solutions coupled with maximum performance and service life.

The Fein SuperCut Construction with StarlockMax mounting can be fully combined with the entire FEIN range of accessories and gives you all the freedom you desire.


  • Corded 450 W power consumption 
  • Oscillations (rpm) 10,000-19,500
  • Tool mounting: StarlockMax
  • 5m cable length

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