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Weha Trio 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads

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Weha Trio 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

Weha 3 Step 4" Diamond Polishing Pads Wet/Dry for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, and Quartz.

The technology developed behind these white resin 3-step diamond polishing pads is truly an advancement that will change the fabrication process. In a 3 step diamond polishing system, quality and the price will set the pads apart. Cheap simply will not work.

The Weha 3 Step 4 Inch Diamond Polishing Pads will polish marble and granite completely dry with outstanding results. You cannot use them on Quartz materials. The heat generated burns the resin in the quartz. 

The end result is better quality finish than traditional 7 step pads with 40%-60% faster shop production. 1 diamond polishing pad to polish marble, granite, quartz stone priced at the traditional 7 step quality polish pad price. 


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