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TEQ-Lok Dragonslayer PCD

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TEQ-Lok Dragonslayer  PCD

The Dragonslayer PCD is a revolutionary coating removal tool designed to quickly remove coatings without gouging the concrete. The x9 PCD scrapers have a larger working width than most other tools in its class. Greater working width on each tooling pass = faster coating removing speeds

The x9 PCD scrapers do minimal slab damage. The load is distributed on 9 cutting faces per tool to scrape up the coating from the surface. Traditional whole round and quarter-round PCDs have a point load for high penetration for fast shredding of the coating surface, whereby the x9 PCD scrapers have 9 flat blade scraper surfaces with a distributed load for scraping the surface clean. Less aggressive but much cleaner surface finish.

The multiple contact points on the x9 PCD scrapers are 3 tiered to keep the tool on the slab surface plain without needing a wearbar to minimize the pounding action from most small slab cracks. • The life on a PCD tool (including retaining a sharp cutting blade edge) is much higher than Carbides.

The x9 PCD scrapers directionally sensitive with a righthand (RH) and lefthand (LH) tool. DITEQ follows the majority of the industry in the definition of RH and LH whereby the RH rotation is defined from the operators position looking down at the disc rotation from above turning clock.



  • Perfect tool for removing coatings from a concrete floor that is going to be polished
  • Wet or Dry Use
  • Fits TEQ-Lok and Ready Lock Systems
  • Removes Glue, Mastic, VCT, Paint and Epoxy without gouging the concrete

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