Superior Transparent Epoxies - Knife Grade


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Like acrylics, these products bond strongly to dense stones and are excellent for outdoor applications. With both 1:1 and 2:1 formulations, our product line gives you the latest in epoxy technology. 

Superior 1:1 Transparent Epoxies E-1000 and E-1010 provide an incredibly strong bond, yet the cured adhesive has flex and toughness. Ideal for freeze/thaw conditions and can withstand vibrations and shock load during transportation. 

Superior adhesives provide exceptional bonding strength with fast gel and cure times allowing you to start polishing quicker. This allows fabricators the opportunity to complete more jobs in less time which results in more profit.

For use with marble, travertine, limestone, sandstone, cement, porous granite and more! Providing the strongest “mechanical” bond, Superior Polyester Adhesives are the preferred adhesives for seaming and laminating natural stone.

Superior Epoxy Safety Data Sheet - Part A

Superior Epoxy Safety Data Sheet - Part B 

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