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Superior Gold Transparent Stone Adhesive

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Superior Gold Transparent Stone Adhesive - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

Superior Gold Stone Adhesive is a revolutionary and unique adhesive perfectly suited for use on natural stone, quartz surface, solid surface and more. ALL‐IN‐ONE!

Superior Gold Adhesive by Superior Stone Products provides excellent mechanical & chemical bonding making it ideal for use when stone is being processed with CNC machines. The Superior Gold cured stone adhesive is tough and can absorb freeze/thaw conditions and shock‐loads which is important during transportation of bonded pieces.

Superior Gold is cured with only 1%‐2% white paste hardener (BPO).  This cutting edge resin technology even outperforms epoxy systems.  In addition, Superior Gold is very low in color making it easy to color with Superior Coloring Paste or simply use it as‐is to pick up the natural colors of the stone.

Use:  To achieve the best results, the contact surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Before adding the hardener, the resin may be tinted with Superior Coloring Paste to match the color of the stone. The resin is then thoroughly mixed with no more than 1%-2% of the white paste hardener (BPO) by weight. At a temperature of 70°F (21°C), the mixture stays workable for 7-9 minutes. Higher temperatures shorten the working time and lower temperatures extend the working time. After 20 minutes, the adhesive is fully cured and work can continue with the stone. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Do NOT store above 75°F (24°C).

Storage:  Store indoors at room temperature. Do NOT store above 75°F (24°C). High heat and cold temperatures will adversely affect the shelf life. Avoid storage in direct sunlight and where freeze/thaw conditions may exist.

Superior Gold Knife Grade Safety Data Sheet

Superior Gold Flowing Safety Data Sheet

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