Stone Pro Finishing Touch Spray 16 oz - Granite and Quartz

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Stone Pro Finishing Touch Spray - Clean, Polish and Protect for Granite and Stone

Stone Pro Finishing Touch Spray cleans, polishes, protects, and enhances granite counter tops, quartz, stainless steel appliances, and glass - All In one easy step! Bring the brilliant shine and beautiful colors back to your granite and quartz counter tops, and accent pieces with Finishing Touch Granite Spray.

Stone Pro Finishing Touch Spray Features:

• Granite Counter Top Revitalizer
• Brings out the natural beauty and shine of granite
• Works excellent on stainless steel, mirrors and windows
• Outstanding results on granite and polished marble
• Cleans, polishes, protects & enhances color in one easy application
• Reduces fingerprinting & water marks
• Dries streak & residue free - so transparent you can use it to protect mirrors!
• No build-up on surfaces
• Reinforces the seal on polished granite & marble with each use
• Safe for use on food preparation surfaces

Stone Pro Finishing Touch Safety Data Sheet

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