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Sorma I-Dia Dry Polishing Pads

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Sorma I-Dia Dry Polishing Pads - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

Sorma I Dia 4 Inch Dry Polishing pads are the first products of I-dia range, dedicated to the world of stone. Sorma I-Dia Dry Polishing Pad is a "flexible" disc used to sand, wet or dry, stone materials and engineered stones, replacing the traditional abrasive discs.  The Sorma I Dia Dry Polishing Pads are available in 4 inch discs (4") ranging from 60-3000 grit pads.  Sorma I Dia Polishing pads have higher duration compared to other polishing pads and superior polishing results on all stone materials.
Why Choose Sorma I-Dia?

•significantly higher duration
•very competitive price
•better finish for same grit size
•no surface burning during finishing stage
•very nice polishing on flat surfaces
•excellent polishing result on all materials
•reduction of storage of abrasives

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