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Quartz Renew Polishing Pads

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Quartz Renew Polishing Pads


Quartz Renew 3 Step Polishing Pads

 These Polishing Pads pads are recommended for use with the Quartz Renew Polishing Compounds System. Developed by Lake Country Manufacturing Company.  There are 3 types of Polishing pads. Purchase all 3 pads in the kit, or each individually.  The Quartz Renew Polishing Pads kit comes with a Snake Skin Revealer Polishing Pad, a Resin Polish Pad, and a Final Polish Pad, and are described below:

 3 Types

 Polishing Pad For Quartz Renew Snakeskin Revealer Compound:

  • 1- Prewashed White Lambswool Knitted Polishing Pad w/ Center Hole
  • Dimensions are 6.5" X .75" - 19 MM  
  • The prewashing process removes natural oils from the wool fibers, providing increased cutting with a more plush and dense appearance.
  • Knitted with only 100% lambswool, this is the most aggressive option in our knitted pad line. Our apparel grade wool is plush and consistent to offer the desired result time and time again. 


Polishing Pad for Quartz Renew Resin Polish Compound

  • The green foam polishing pad - flat foam / dual action polymer pad goes with the Quartz Renew Resin Polish Compound.
  • Dimensions are 6.5" X 1.25" - 152 MM


Polishing Pad for Quartz Renew Final Polish

  • The White Dual Action Prepolymer Pad- White Foam Heavy Polishing Pad / Flat Foam goes with the Quartz Renew Final Polish compound
  • Dimensions are 6.5" X 1.25" - 152 MM


It is recommended that these pads are used with the recommend Quartz Renew Polishing Compounds for optimal results. Please be aware that the best way to use these pads would be putting them on a polisher/grinder, and they need to go on a 6"/7" backer pad to be used with that tool. 



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