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Rocket Supreme Diamond Pads

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Rocket Supreme Diamond Pads

Great for marble, granite, and concrete. 

There are many attributes that make up a quality diamond polishing pads. The first thing that makes for great granite polishing pads is the type of the diamonds used. The diamonds have to be a high grade. It makes sense high quality diamond polishing pads use high quality diamonds. The grade of the diamonds is not the only thing needed to make a superior diamond pad. The size of the diamonds used, the bond, the hook and loop, the pad design, and the resin used are just some of the main details. 

When polishing stone it is important to not only think about the life of the polishing pad, but what is really important to consider is the type of polish or look left on the stone. These pads are ideal for all types of stone including marble, granite, and concrete. 

The diamond pads use high grade diamonds, a trusted pattern design, and quality resin. 

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