Rocket Supply 3” Atomic Chunk Transitional Grinding Pads

Rocket Supply

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Rocket Supply 3” Atomic Chunk Transitional Metal/Resin Concrete Grinding Pads

Rocket Supply Atomic Chunk Transitional Metal/Resin Grinding Pads for concrete surfaces. Atomic “Chunk” Concrete Grinding Pads are ideally used for removing metal bond scratches on edges or cutting off the cream on new concrete. These transitional grinding pads are essential for preparing the concrete for your resin polishing steps. The Rocket Supply Atomic Beast 3" pads remove scratches quick and easy to prep for your standard resin steps.

The hybrid bond combination of metal and resin tooling is much more effective at removing scratch marks left by metal bond grinding agent. The metal/resin hybrid outperforms and lasts longer than resin bonded grinding pads. Best used for 30 grit, 50 grit, 100 grit, and 200 grit concrete grinding applications. 


  • Removes Scratches Quickly and Easily
  • Use wet or dry, best used when slightly wet
  • Choose between 30, 50, 100 or 200 grit options
  • Bridge The Gap Between Metal and Resins
  • 3" Round Transitional Pad
  • Metal/Resin Hybrid
  • Fits Planetary Floor Grinders and Polishers – Velcro attachment


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