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Pulse Bac 225 PRO Series Vacuum

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Pulse Bac 225 PRO Series Vacuum - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

Introducing the Pulse Bac PRO Series 225 Vacuum

  • Airflow: 225 CFM
  • Filtration: HEPA 99.97% at .3 Microns
  • Inlet: 2″
  • Collection: 20 Gal Steel Tank
  • 15.1 AMPS
  • 110" of Lift

The PRO Series is the newest addition to the Pulse-Bac line-up. The successor to the legendary 1000 Series and like the 1000 Series, it offers a large array of power and collection options. It also has new features designed to improve usability and durability. Built to capture dust generated by surface preparation equipment, power tools and for jobsite cleanup, the PRO Series excels at work involving dust from concrete, drywall, wood, asbestos, and many other materials. With a lineage of legendary performance & innovative improvements, the PRO Series is sure to be the choice of professionals. The PRO-225 offers performance similar to the classic 1150 model is a significant step up in power and duty-cycle from the PRO-176. With 225 CFM and 110″ of Lift the PRO-225 is great for mid-sized walk behind grinders, larger drills & demolition hammers. The PRO-225 has the highest lift (air pressure) available in the PRO Series for better pick up. 

Please Call 303-744-7004 to Order the Pulse Bac 225 PRO Series Vacuum

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