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National Flooring Equipment 8000 Ride-On Scraper

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National Flooring Equipment 8000 Ride-On Scraper Propane Powered

National Flooring Equipment - 8000 Propane Ride-On Floor Scraper 

 * Purchase Price $44,995.00 *

The 8000 propane ride-on scraper offers speed, power, and precision thanks to National's patented carbide angle-shank technology and dual-lift hydraulic slide plates. National Floor Scraper has consistent torque and sets the operational standard for high removal rates, and each machine undergoes a rigorous quality assurance program including emissions certification. 

The National Ride-on Floor Scraper is a heavy-duty, propane floor scraper rivals other manufacturers’ heavier machines. The 8000 ride-on scraper offers the speed and power of propane while also combining patented carbide angle-shank technology with the added efficiency of the dual-lift hydraulic slide plate.

The National Ride-on Floor Scraper comes standard with National's 6700 series dual lift hydraulic slide plate; allowing the operator to make angle adjustments on the fly. The dual hydraulic hand controls promote operator flexibility while simultaneously adjusting the slide plate height and the angle adjustment of the cutting head blade. These combined features extend the blade life and offer up to 25% more productivity. The hydraulic lift plate provides an additional 200 pounds of front weight, increasing down pressure on the cutting head. The The National Floor Scraper adjustable slide plate affords maximum versatility in blade settings. Operating in conjunction with the adjustable slide plate, the swivel head action of the blade holder assures the scraper continuous blade contact with the floor.

Different from scrapers that are powered using a hydrostat drive system, National's 8000 benefits from both the speed and power of a hydraulic drive. This hydraulic design provides the scraper with consistent and continuous torque resulting in more productivity and higher removal rates.

National Flooring Equipment 8000 Ride-On Scraper Specifications:

  • Width: 30"
  • Height: 65.5"
  • Length: 63"
  • Weight: 2,842 lb
  • Removable Weight: 958 lb front, 75 lb rear
  • Weight (machine only): 1,809 lb
  • Speed: up to 200 ft/min
  • HP: 25

Please call 303-744-7004 to order.

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