Jointmaster Pro Polyurea/Epoxy Pump


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Jointmaster Pro Polyurea/Epoxy Pump


Two component, commercial Joint Filler Pump System for dispensing of SealBoss QuickFix 6500 and other compatible polyurea, polyurethane & epoxy products. Premium components and a rugged construction make this machine a prime choice. Six gallons fit on each side. 

Digital, pre-programmed control unit for superior product application at even speeds. The applicator mounted speed control knob offers a wide variety of dispensing volumes to suit your product and application needs. Large volume reprogramming possible for roadway repair needs.

For Professional Use; Made In U.S.A. 

Jointmaster Pro Polyurea/Epoxy Pump Specifications: 

  • Weight: Basic Pump 205 lbs. dry. Extra equipment not included. 
  • Height: 44" (5 gal tanks), 47" (6 gal tanks)
  • Width: 25"
  • Length: 29.5"
  • Motor: 1/2 [hp], ~200 [lb-in], AC, Gear
  • Torque: approx. 200 lbs.
  • Pumps: Internal rotary gear pumps 
  • Tanks: 5 gal/6 gal, 14 gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Power: 110 V A, 220 V version available 
  • Hoses:  1/2" x 14.5' braided, protective sleeve 
  • Wheels: 6", swivel wheels with breaks 
  • Control: Extended lightweight handle, dual port manifold, digital speed control. Low voltage control line to applicator, programmable. 
  • Viscosity: approx. 50-4000 cps, depending on material 
  • Flow rate: Approx. 0.1 to >1 gallon per minute
  • Ratios: 1:1 by volume ratio standard, other ratios available 

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