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EZ Sink Bracket for Sink Installation

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EZ Sink Bracket for Sink Installation - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

Included in the EZ Sink Bracket Kit is a support strap used for multi-bowl sink installations and 2 pieces sink bracket and hardware. Designed to fit standard 24” cabinet depth with no modification. Wood support rails can be easily trimmed for smaller vanity cabinets.

E-Z Sink Bracket is simply attached to the pre-drilled holes on the underside of the support rail. There are several holes on the rail to accommodate any style of sink. This strap provides support at the center of the sink to keep the sink from flexing under load. E-Z Sink Bracket makes any sink installation a breeze, even heavy cast iron. This product can be installed before or after the countertops are installed, drastically reducing the time needed for installation as well as cost of materials.



  • Eliminates sagging sink problems
  • Accommodates virtually any under-counter sink type
  • Multi-bowl Strap works with all types of sinks
  • Easy installation under any type of counter top
  • Won’t damage expensive cabinetry
  • Extremely strong


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