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Diteq (DMT) Double Round Segments - Trapezoid Shaped Concrete Grinding Attachment

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Diteq (DMT) Twin Round Segment for Concrete Grinding - 30/40 Grit, Medium Bond

Also available for in-store purchase at Rocket Supply 695 S Jason St, Denver, CO 80223

Diteq Double Round Segments (DMT) - Diamatic Magnetic Trap 

The Diteq Twin Round Segments fit Diamatic and Lavina brands planetary grinders and polishers.  Diteq Round Segments (2 twin round segments) are available in Soft, Medium and Hard Bond and 16 Grit, 30/40 Grit, and 60/80 Grit Options, right-hand rotation (clockwise) or left-hand rotation (counter-clockwise).  Use the Diteq double-round concrete grinding segments to attach to diamatic magnetic (dmt) 3 pin hole pattern or trapezoid M6 hole pattern.  Use the Diteq Double Round (DMT) concrete grinding segments in wet or dry applications.

Diteq (DMT) Round Segments (2) Metal Bonded Tooling features:

  • Right Hand Rotation (Clockwise)
  • 2 Segments (Round)
  • Fits Diamatic, Lavina, Husqvarna Concrete Grinders and Polishers
  • 3 Pin Hole Pattern   (Diamatic Machines)
  • M6 Pin Hole Pattern (Lavina Machines)
  • DMT - Diamatic Magnetic Trap - Grinder Attachment Type
  • Trapezoid Shaped - Double Round Segments - Magnetic Traps
  • Soft, Medium and Hard Bond Options

Diteq (DMT) Double Round Segments - Trapezoid Shaped Concrete Grinding Attachment are available in multiple grit options



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