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Diteq C-52 Pro Wet Core Bits

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Diteq C-52 Pro Wet Core Bits


Diteq C-52 Pro Wet Core Bits

Diteq C-52 Double Pointed Concrete Bits are specially formulated segments.  The Diteq C-52 wet core bits contain high concentrations of quality diamonds combined with a special blend of metal powders to deliver maximum performance with lowest drilling costs. The double pointed segments of the Diteq C52 Concrete Bits increase water flow to reduce heat and removed slurry more efficiently. The double-pointed tips penetrate quickly, and hold a straight drilling path to reduce side drag. Reduced vibration improves drilling efficiency and bit life. The double-pointed segments of the Diteq C-52 core bits provide incredibly fast drilling speeds.



•    Pro Quality
•    1"-6" Are Laser Welded
•    1"- 1-3/4" Are Crown Segments
•    Drills reinforced concrete with ease.
•    Wet Use Only.
•    Faster Drilling Speed
•    Double Pointed Segments
•    A-Flange Bits Available

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