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Diteq C-52 Pro Wet Core Bits

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Diteq C-52 Pro Wet Core Bits - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

Diteq C-52 Double Pointed Concrete Bits are specially formulated segments. The Diteq C-52 wet core bits contain high concentrations of quality diamonds combined with a special blend of metal powders to deliver maximum performance with lowest drilling costs.

The double pointed segments of the Diteq C-52 Concrete Bits increase water flow to reduce heat and removed slurry more efficiently. The double-pointed tips penetrate quickly, and hold a straight drilling path to reduce side drag. Reduced vibration improves drilling efficiency and bit life. The segments of the Diteq C-52 core bits also provide incredibly fast drilling speeds.


•    Pro quality
•    1"-6" are laser welded
•    1"- 1-3/4" are crown segments
•    Drills reinforced concrete with ease
•    Wet use only
•    Faster drilling speed
•    Double pointed segments
•    A-flange bits available 

Be Advised: Sizes 9" and larger aren't always in stock, please call 303-744-7004 if you have questions about availability 

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