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Armeg PTB (Porcelain Tile Bit) Carbide Bit Tips for drilling Porcelain Tile - Also known as PTC

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Armeg PTB Carbide Tipped Drill Bit for Porcelain Tile Material sold by Rocket Supply Company Denver, Colorado

Also available for in-store purchase at Rocket Supply 695 S Jason St, Denver, CO 80223


Armeg PTB Carbide Tipped Drill Bit for Porcelain Tile 

Size Options: 3/16" , 1/4" , and 5/16" Diameter

Armeg Brand PTB Carbide Bits - Porcelain Tile Drill Bits  - A ROCKET SUPPLY BEST SELLER!!! These Porcelain Tile Carbide Drill Bits allow easy start up and rapid penetration in Porcelain tile. The special carbide tip ensures accurate holes and virtually eliminates drill bit wander. Must use constant supply of pressurized water for bit cooling.  Maximum cutting depth of 1/2" (half inch).

Armeg (PTB) Porcelain Tile Drill Bit makes holes in almost all materials, including porcelain tile. Engineered for drilling hard materials, these specialized bits have a serrated carbide tip, which penetrates faster - up to 50% faster than standard masonry bits!

Armeg's Porcelain Tile - Carbide Tipped Bit features include: 

  • Max Depth of 1//2"
  • Life expectancy in Porcelain Tile is 20-30 holes with proper usage
  • For use in Porcelain Tile only - use masonry bit to drill substrate behind the tile
  • Use pressurized water on the PTC Carbide Bit when drilling
  • Renewing tip geometry, once product life is exhausted in Porcelain, the PTC bit can be used in soft materials.
  • Holes can be drilled in as little as 20 seconds
  • Max Operating Speed is between 700-900 RPM Drill Speed
  • Rotary Action Only

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