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Ameripolish Oil Ingester - Water-based Microbial Oil Stain Remover (Concrete)

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Ameripolish Oil-Ingester - Microbial Oil Stain Remover for Concrete Surfaces.  Water-based Oil and Oil-based stains remover for cementitious material

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Ameripolish Oil Ingester is an enzyme-based product that consumes and breaks down oil-based materials and absorbs odors from the surface of the concrete without causing damage or affecting any existing colorant, sealer, or stain protector. The biodegradable AMERPIPOLISH OIL INGESTER product is environmentally safe and can be left on surfaces for several days if needed to deeply penetrate seeped stains.

This biodegradable and VOC-compliant product can be used daily. Deeply embedded oil spots may take weeks to be removed; this is normal as oil tends to penetrate deep in the concrete.

  • Safely removes oil stains from most surfaces.
  • Stops oil from continually wicking to the surface.
  • Does not damage colorants, sealers, or stain protectors.
  • Will not etch polished concrete
  • Works best above 55ºF and with regular applications.
  • Consumes and breaks down oil vs. only emulsifying
  • No harsh acids, bases or solvents that can cause burning

Ameripolish Oil Ingester – Safely and Effectively Breaks down  Oil and Oil-based stains on cementitious materials

• Ameripolish® Oil Ingester can be used on multiple surfaces such as cementitious materials, and most common substrates. It is designed to consume and breakdown oil and oil-based materials.

• Ameripolish Oil-Ingester works on breaking down oil-based materials until it is washed away from applied surface. It can continuously work for days/weeks on stains, breaking down the oils and consuming them.

• This product works most efficiently at temperatures above 55F°. Colder temperatures do not destroy the ability to breakdown oils but will significantly slow down the process.

Ameripolish Oil Ingester Dilution and Coverage details:

Ameripolish® Oil Ingester should be diluted with water. To remove oil use the ratio 1:4 for oil removal (1 part water: 4 part product). For maintenance use the ratio 9:1 for maintenance (9 parts water: 1 part product).  The coverage rate varies considerably from floor to floor. 1 gallon of diluted product will cover approximately 200- 400 square feet.

Ameripolish Oil-Ingester Size Options:

  • Ameripolish Oil Ingester One Gallon - OE5   1 GALLON
  • Ameripolish Oil Ingester Five Gallon -  OE25- 5 GALLON
  • Ameripolish Oil Ingester Fifty-Five Gallon - OE55 -55 55 GALLON


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