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Alpha Wet Blade Cutting Kit

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Alpha Wet Blade Cutting Kit - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

The Alpha Wet Blade Cutting Kit is designed to convert a high-speed angle grinder into a wet tool. This is the perfect accessory for high-speed angle grinders to allow wet grinding, profiling and cutting. The wet cutting kit allows you to use wet diamond blades, expanding what you can do with just your angle grinder.

This product can be used on most grinders with minimal alterations. The kink- free water hose allows for easy maneuverability and leads to a reduction in operator fatigue. Save money and use your tool wet or dry!


  • Fits most 5" and 6" high-speed angle grinders
  • Kit includes: Safety Guard, Loc-Line Assembly, Plastic Tie, Stainless Steel Collar, Plastic Collar, Adapter (1/4 NPT>>>M10*P.1.O), Water Hose Assembly, Memory Wrap (3ft. / 1M), Quick Connect Adapter, GFCI Plug (120V) & Hook & Loop Tie

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