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Abaco Economy Truck A Frame

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Abaco Economy Truck A Frame - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

Abaco Economy Truck A-Frame is constructed with two Standard A-Frames joined by a cross bar, which can be extended to an overall length to five feet. Strengthening plates have been added at the base of the Abaco Economy Truck A Frame, increasing the Working Load Limit to 12,000 lbs per side, 24,000 total.  This sturdy construction makes the Abaco Economy Truck A-Frame an ideal choice when compared with other economy class truck A-Frames on the market. It is designed for picking up slabs and moving them from one factory to another.

Abaco Economy Truck A Frame ETAF060 Features:

  • Square steel tubing (50x50x2mm)
  • Added strengthening plates (150x150x6mm) for increased Working Load Limit and stability from our previous design.
  • Includes timber blocks to protect material and improve stability (460x70x110).
  • Includes crossbar.

 PLEASE NOTE: All A-Frames must be loaded with weight evenly distributed on both sides.

Call Rocket Supply to order @  303-744-7004



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