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Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser

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Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser

PROSOCO Cleaner/Degreaser is an environmentally responsible alternative to industrial degreasing solvents that scours widespread oil and grease films, adhesive tape residues and rubber tire marks and scuffs from most masonry surfaces, including concrete floors.

Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser cuts through greasy fuel and oil residues and atmospheric soiling without using the harsh acids, caustics and solvents common to many other industrial degreasers. Prosoco Cleaner and Degreaser is perfect for prepping greasy, grimy floors in warehouses, manufacturing plants, machine shops and other industrial sites for protective treatments and coatings that improve floors’ appearance and performance, and extend service life.

Prosoco Consolideck Cleaner/Degreaser contains readily biodegradable ingredients, so it is a more environmentally responsible alternative too. Perfect for use in warehouses, manufacturing plants, machine shops, and other industrial sites where greasy, grimy floors are commonplace, Consolideck Cleaner/Degreaser can significantly improve floors’ appearance and performance as well as extend its service life. 
Easy-to-use Cleaner/Degreaser is compatible with all Consolideck® protective treatments, hardener-densifiers and color coats and stains.

Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser Product Data Sheet

Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser Safety Data Sheet 

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