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Nicolai CNC DM60 T30 R3/VG Profile Wheels

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Nicolai CNC DM60 T30 R3/VG Profile Wheels

Nicolai DM60 Profile Wheels

Large diameter, the external dimensions change according to the profile, while smaller diameter remains always the same, SD* 60 mm (radius 30mm)

• 60 mm SD*
• 35 mm bore (22 mm & 45 mm upon request)
• EVO Technology
• Matching with JoyLite JoyLite resin diamond polishing wheels with

METAL BOND Metal Body Wheels, RESIN BOND Rubber Body Wheels, ELECTROPLATED Metal Body Wheels
*SD = smaller diameter


T30 r3 DM 60 Seg G1----ASS18305T2

T30 R3/VG DM60 F35 Cont G3----ASF18320T2

T30 R3/VG DM60 F35 Cont G4----ASF18325T2

T30 R3/VG DM60 F35 Cont G5----ASF18330T2

T30 r3/VG DM60 Joylite G6----CSLT30R3235606

T30 r3/VG DM60 Joylite G7-----CSLT30R3235607

T30 r3/VG DM60 Joylite G8----CSLT30R3235608


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