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Husqvarna 7" Arrow Cup Wheels

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Husqvarna 7 inch Arrow Cup Wheel


Husqvarna Arrow Segment Cup Wheels are designed for aggressive coating and adhesive removal.
The Husqvarna 7” Arrow Cup Wheels are ideal for stock removal of concrete, as well as cure and
seal removal, prior to the polishing process. The 10 Arrow Shaped Segments pierce light coatings
and minimizes gumming up of segments. Husqvarna's 7 inch Arrow Series Cup Wheels make short work
of epoxy or vinyl adhesive removal.


  • Arrow shaped segment allows for scraping and grinding at the same time.
  • Features venting holes to dissipate heat for extended wheel life.
  • Extra tall diamond segments (10mm high) offer long life.
  • 5/8-11 threaded standard arbor.
  • Can be used for wet or dry grinding.
  • 7" Arrow Cup Wheel has 10 Segments

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