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Alpha Apron Long Sleeved

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Alpha Apron Long Sleeved - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store


Most waterproof aprons are made of rubber and come with a neck strap. Although the waterproofing capacity of rubber is excellent, it is heavy and it makes the neck tired, or scratched from the neck strap, and creates fatigue if used for long hours. Since it is not very flexible, the maneuverability is significantly reduced during applications such as hand polishing. Alpha® has been offering a waterproof apron with a memory-function waist band that eliminates the neck strap to offer more comfort.

Alpha® has taken another step to improve the already popular and comfortable apron. The redesigned strap hangs the apron on the shoulders, instead of the neck, ensuring less fatigue while providing more coverage over the chest. Also the apron is now a D900 Oxford / PU coated material which is commonly used for waterproof safety jackets for outdoors. Compared with other materials used for aprons, this is much lighter weight and has a very good waterproofing capability.

Additionally, the material is a bright neon yellow color providing greater visibility, for better safety in busy, darker indoor shop environments. Whether the apron is used in wet or dry environments, it will protect from dust, water and other chemicals such as polishing slurry.


  • PU Coated Material Makes It Waterproof
  • Bright Neon Yellow Color Provides Greater Visibility
  • Perfect for Wet or Dry Environments
  • Protects From Dust, Water and Other Chemicals Such As Polishing Slurry
  • Reduces Fatigue When Used for Long Hours Compared with Traditional Styles
  • Sleeveless With Wide Straps for Ease and Comfort
  • Dual-Adjustable Clips Makes For A Perfect Fit
  • Long-sleeved Apron has Rubber Cuffs Which Provide Full Coverage

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