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USG Liquid Surface Profiler - 4 Gallons

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USG Liquid Surface Profiler - 4 Gallons - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

USG Durock™ Brand LSP™ Liquid Surface Profiler is a dust-free alternative to cleaning and profiling concrete for indoor, outdoor, horizontal, above and below grade applications. It is the ideal product for preparing concrete for the application of moisture mitigation systems, underlayments, floor patches, sealers and coatings. The patented chemistry of this product is biodegradable, selfneutralizing and low-fume, unlike most etching products. As USG Durock™ Brand LSP™ Liquid Surface Profiler reacts with and breaks down the free minerals and contaminates residing in the top 3-4 mm of the concrete surface, impurities are lifted to the surface for easy removal. The process results in the opening of the pore structure, which improves adhesion of secondary surface treatments. USG Durock™ LSP Liquid Surface Profiler is ready-to-use right out of the bucket, is easily applied and removed after approximately 2 hours of dwell time. Concrete surface profiles of 1-3 can be easily achieved after just one application. For heavily soiled concrete, or when a CSP 3-4 is required, two applications may be required.

Approximate Coverage: Up to 900 sq. ft. (83.6 m2) per 4 gal. (15.14 L) pail depending on application

USG Liquid Surface Profiler Product Data Sheet 

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