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Touchstone Glacier Epoxy Adhesive

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Touchstone Glacier Epoxy Adhesive - Rocket Supply - Concrete and Stone Tool Supply Store

Touchstone Glacier Epoxy Adhesive is a revolutionary clear, fast-curing, non-staining, UV-stable adhesive designed for laminating and fabricating natural stone countertops.  Compared to competitive products, Touchstone Glacier from Bronstone will SAVE you TIME and MONEY, due to its convenient and forgiving mix ratio. 


  • Laminating adhesive, especially white stones such as marble
  • Seaming adhesive
  • Rodding adhesive
  • Outdoor kitchen fabrication (laminating, seaming, rodding, …)
  • Interior & exterior seams & laminations

Technical Data:

  • Mix ratio:  1:1
  • Set time:  10-20 minutes at 75 degrees
  • Available in 2 oz, 1/2 pint, quart cases & 250 ml cartridges

1/2 pint and quarts available in clear

 Touchstone Glacier Epoxy Product Data Sheet

Touchstone Glacier Epoxy Safety Data Sheet

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