Smith Paints Polyaspartic 2000 - Roller Grade Polyaspartic Gloss ( 2-Component )

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Smith Paints Polyaspartic 2000 - Roller Grade Polyaspartic - Alipnatic, 2 Component Gloss

Smith’s Polyaspartic 2000 is a 2-Component, High-Performance, 76% Solids Aliphatic Polyaspartic coating with a gloss finish which yields a Resilient, U.V. Stable and Abrasion Resistant film with very good splash and chemical spill properties for application to a variety of substrates including concrete, wood and metal. 

Smith’s Polyaspartic 2000 is an excellent coating system for Vinyl Chip, Color Quartz, Smith’s Metallic & Luster, fast return-to-service broadcast shop floors and pigmented applications for Residential, Retail, Commercial or Industrial environments which demand color stability, faster return-to-service and durability.

Smith’s Polyaspartic 2000 was developed for ease of use with a 1A to 1B mix ratio plus a longer working time versus most competitors Polyaspartic or Polyaspartic-Polyurea products.

Smith’s A/O 325 Low Sheen additive is available separately to achieve a low sheen finish as a topcoat with Smith’s Polyaspartic 2000 roller applied at 500 sq.ft. per gallon.  For additional traction, use a slip resistant additive such as Smith’s Resin Sand.

Smith Polyaspartic 2000 Polyaspartic Coating Features:

  • Fast Return-to-service
  • Easy to Clean
  • Superior Performance
  • Clear with color options ( Smith ISC Solid Color Packs, Smith Metallic and Luster Mica Color Blends
  • Gloss finish U.V. Light Resistant *Accepts Smith's A/O 325 Low Sheen Additive as topcoat
  • Resistant to stains & chemicals
  • Resistant to hot tire pickup
  • For Interior & Exterior Use
  • Low VOC’s – Less than 2 g/LMeets FDA & USDA standards for flooring

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