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Smith Paints (ISC) Industrial Solid Color Packs for Cement-Based Products

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Smith Paints Decorative Concrete Coating Colors for (ISC) Industrial Solid Colorant Packs

Also available for in-store purchase at Rocket Supply 695 S Jason St, Denver, CO 80223

Smith Paints – (ISC) Industrial Solid Color Packs for Cement based products

Smith’s ISC Industrial Solid Color Packs were developed as a pigment dispersion which allows the contractor to use a single color pack across several solvent-borne resin types, such as Epoxy, Polyurethane and Polyaspartic products.   Smith’s ISC Color Packs reduces the risk of accidentally using the wrong type of pigment in the wrong type resin.

Smith’s ISC is a premium colorant with a lower viscosity than other resin dispersion colorants and is more compatible than other “universal” type dispersions.  

Smith Paint Products set out to develop Smith’s ISC with the following minimum standard requirements nor other problems which can occur with traditional pigment dispersions.

  • Work in multiple resin platforms without accelerating or slowing a product 
  • No effect on chemical resistance
  • No impact on sheen/gloss
  • No pigment float or color flip

Smith’s Paints (ISC) Industrials Solid Colorant for these pigments are pre-measured to help installers achieve uniform color from mix to mix during application.

16 COLOR OPTIONS available for purchase online:

Smith’s Industrial Solid Color Packs meet or exceed ASTM C-979 requirements for integral color pigments.

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