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Smith Paints CRU'86 - Chemical Resistant Polyurethane Topcoat (5 Gallon)

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Smith Paints CRU'86 Chemical Resistant Polyurethane - Aliphatic Urethane High Gloss Dries Clear

Also available for in-store purchase at Rocket Supply 695 S Jason St, Denver, CO 80223

Smith Paints CRU'86 - Polyurethane Top Coat (Chemical Resistant Urethane)

Smith’s CRU’86 is a High Performance, Ready-to-Use, High Gloss, 86% Solids, Aliphatic, Solvent-based Chemical Resistant Polyurethane topcoat which yields a highly light reflective, smooth finish when applied at 400 sq.ft. per gallon as a gloss finish over a properly prepared coating or primer layer.

Smith’s CRU’86 has a long working time, good gloss retention, high abrasion and chemical resistance making it an ideal choice for aircraft hangars, as a gloss topcoat over Smith’s Metallic & Luster coating systems and in moderate traffic environments which desire a high gloss finish with less odor during installation and higher performance vs. traditional solvent-based Polyurethane topcoats.   

  • For solid colors, Smith’s CRU’86 accepts Smith’s ISC Color Packs (sold separately)
  • For a low sheen finish, add Smith’s A/O 325 Aluminum Oxide Low Sheen Powder Additive (sold separately – NOT intended to improve slip resistance)Traction additive, such as Smith’s Resin Sand, should be incorporated where necessary to increase slip resistance
  • Also helps to reduce traffic pattern development
  • Application as a Low Sheen finish should be dip & roller applied out of a paint tray at 500 to 600 sq.ft. per gallon 


  • Industrial, Commercial & Retail Environments
  • Aircraft Hangar Floors
  • Showrooms
  • Museums
  • Pharmaceutical Floors
  • Interior Decorative Concrete
  • Metallic & Luster floor coatings

Chemical Resistant Polyurethane Topcoat Features:

  • Good Gloss Retention & Light Reflectivity
  • High Performance – Improves service life of coating system U.V. Stable
  • Abrasion Resistant – Very Durable
  • Chemical & Stain Resistant
  • Long Working time
  • Easy to Clean
  • Resistant to Hot Tire Pickup
  • Less Odor than Traditional Solvent-based, Moisture-Cured Polyurethanes
  • VOC compliant in most regions – <99 g/L

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