Rubi Tile Spacers


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 Rubi precision spacers make installation quick and uniform. They are made in hard plastic material, rigid enough to hold against the weight of the tile. Due to its calibration and clean edges, you will obtain the best possible finish in all your flooring jobs. A major benefit of the Rubi spacers is its leave-in design

The principal use of the Rubi tile spacers is for large format or rectified ceramic tiles, particularly with thin joints. Rubi tile spacers, “T” and wedges are undoubtedly a truly indispensable range for obtaining a perfect finish in any ceramic tile range installation work.

The solid structure of the 1/8 in. tile spacers and the 1/16 in. spacers have been designed to provide greater resistance to bending and smashing. Because of these features, the Rubi tile spacers are highly recommended for large format ceramic tile fitting jobs.

Rubi tile spacers, “T” and wedges are noted for the uniformity of their products, the homogeneity of measurements and the absence of burrs and other small flaws. These features allow professionals who opt for RUBI tile spacers, “T” and wedges to obtain an outstanding finish and with complete accuracy.


1/8" comes in bags of 200

1/16" comes in bags of 300


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