Rubi TC-125 Kit


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Rubi TC-125 Kit

The TC-125 kit is part of the SLAB system for ceramic sheet and large format tiles, and includes all the elements necessary for cutting, with the TC-125 circular saw, of these materials.

The kit includes:
- The circular cutter TC-125.
- 3 SLIM CUTTER guides of 110 cm, each one. (For the proper functioning of the TC-125, it is NECESSARY, the use of these guides).


  • PRECISE cutting thanks to the SLIM SYSTEM guide system.
  • Equipped with sliding skid, made of carbon steel, on adjustable stainless steel radial bearings.
  • Double reduction system / dust control. Dry and wet cut.
  • Cutting head adjustable in height (cutting effect) and foldable from 0 ° to 45 °. (miter). FAST adjustment system.
  • Greater ergonomics Additional handle BI-MATERIAL, mainly for miter cutting.
  • For cutting all kinds of ceramic tiles, ceramic sheet, natural stone and sintered stone. Especially suitable for large tiles.
  • Circular cutter electro-portable. Suitable for dry cutting or wet cutting
  • Direct connection to vacuum AS-30 PRO (Ø32mm). Includes adapter for other models and brands (Ø37, 42 and 50 mm).
  • Regulation valve and quick connection for hose ** (Ø5/8in). Rubber stopper for the suction outlet. IMPROVES ergonomics in wet cutting.
  • Switch with SECURITY lock. Avoid the start-up INVOLUNTÁRIA. Electric cable with PRCD (differential).
  • Compatible with Ø125 or Ø115 mm discs. (Suitable for discs with reinforcement bar, type TVA).
  • Injected aluminum disc protector with transparent polycarbonate lid with opening and quick closing system. IT FACILITATES the disc change and MINIMIZES the projection of particles and water.
  • Tilting side guard for miter cutting. REDUCES water splash and IMPROVES dust aspiration.
  • Includes TCR-125 SUPERPRO disc (dry cut), carrying case and accessories. IT FACILITATES transport and handling.


    • Power: 1.7 CV (P1: 1.25 kW).
    • RPM: 13800 (may vary depending on voltages and frequencies)
    • Outside diameter of disc: 115/125 mm. (Scales and graduations are determined for 125 mm discs)
    • Internal diameter of disc: 22.2 mm.
    • Maximum cutting thickness: 20 mm (for 115 discs) and 25 mm (for 125 discs).
    • Maximum miter cut thickness: 14 mm (for 115 discs) and 18 mm (for 125 discs).
    • Net weight: 4.8 kg. (only machine with serial disk)
    • Dimensions: 330x239x206 mm.
    • Vibration value according to UNE-EN 61029 is 1.78 m / s2 with a dispersion K = 15.

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