Rubi Porcelain Blade


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Porcelain diamond blades by RUBI are specially designed to offer the ceramic tile installation professional the best performance in porcelain tile cutting.
The porcelain diamond blade is particularly recommended for straight cuts in porcelain tiles and especially in those jobs requiring a high cutting speed without sacrificing high levels of performance and quality.

Cutting very hard porcelain tiles is a very demanding job, both for the material and for the blade, and of course for the user. For these reasons and because of its continuous type, the RUBI porcelain blade sacrifices cutting speed in porcelain tiles in favor of always ensuring the best finishes.

By means of laser welding, we have made the joint between the diamond rim and the steel core of the RUBI blade a guarantee of quality and safety for the user.


  • Can perform both dry and wet cutting
  • A blade recommended for fine cutting of porcelain tiles
  • High speed in straight cutting of porcelain tiles
  • Blades with thicknesses of less than 3/32 in.
  • Not suitable for miter cuts

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