Radians DRIRAD 28 Rain Jacket


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Radians DRIRAD 28 Rain Jacket

Radians DRIRAD 28 durable waterproof rain jacket will keep workers dry in the rain or provide protection from dirty working conditions. The polyester scrim provides added stability between two layers of Self-Extinguishing (SE) PVC for industrial strength at an affordable price. The DRIRAD 28 three-piece rain suit set also includes bib overalls and a detachable hood, sold separately. 

Radians DRIRAD 28 Rain Jacket Features:

  • .28mm PVC/Poly/PVC material
  • Self Extinguishing PVC material
  • Detachable Hood (Sold Separately)
  • ETP™ Collar: Extended in Back, Tapered in Front for Increased Protection and Wearable Comfort
  • Lower Front Pockets with Flaps
  • Inside Storm Flap

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