Pulse-Bac 576 Series Vacuum with Auto Tool Start


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Don’t Be Fooled! Underneath its Modest Exterior is the Heart of a Beast.
Introducing the newest addition to the Pulse-Bac line of dust collection solutions the 576A. With 176 CFM and 97in of lift this little powerhouse is an industrial strength vacuum in a compact, portable package. The 176 CFM of airflow meets the OSHA Silica Rule, Table 1 requirement of 25 CFM per inch of blade for 7″ tools. High airflow combined with the 97 inches of lift means this model really punches above its weight.

  • Airflow: 176
  • Lift: 97″
  • Collection: 8 Gal. Steel Tank
  • HEPA 99.97 @ .3 Microns
  • Inlet & Hose: 1.5″ Locking, 15ft. Hose

30lbs, 110V

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