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Prosoco SLX 100 Water and Oil Repellent

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Prosoco SLX 100 Water and Oil Repellent

*This product contains high VOC content and cannot be shipped to some states. Please visit to see VOC regulations based on each state*

Prosoco SLX 100 Water and Oil Repellent combines effective water and oil repellency on most substrates, with VOC levels low enough to be used in every U.S. state. Prosoco’s modified “neat” silane system prevents staining by water and oily substances, and provides invisible protection and low volatility. The small molecular structure of Prosoco SLX100 permits maximum penetration at coverage rates higher than that of conventional silanes.  This makes the Consolideck Prosoco SLX 100 Water/Oil Repellent is ideal for protecting granite and other dense, color sensitive surfaces.  It does not form a surface film or gloss. It also provides excellent surface beading when compared to conventional “neat” silanes. 

Additionally, Prosoco SLX100 is compatible with lithium silicate hardeners and densifiers, and it works as an effective chloride screen that reduces surface erosion and corrosion of rebar in reinforced concrete caused by water and water-carried salts.  Though Consolideck SLX 100 offers excellent penetration into concrete substrate, it will not lead to trapped moisture. Treated surfaces "breathe," so this product will not interfere with other flooring systems. The Prosoco Water and Oil Repellent is appropriate for application to concrete which is cured, cured and honed, cured and polished, or cured and highly polished.

• Normally will not create color change, even on dense surfaces.

• Provides long-lasting protection.

• Treated surfaces “breathe” – does not trap moisture.

• Higher coverage rate than typical water repellents or other stain-resistant impregnators.

• Resists oil and food stains. Does not form a surface film or gloss.

• Excellent surface beading when compared with conventional “neat” silanes.

• Safe for use on surfaces subjected to vehicular traffic.

• Not recommended for asphalt or other non masonry materials

• Not recommended for below-grade applications or for use under hydrostatic pressure.

• Not able to ship to states with strict VOC laws

• Do not buff or burnish after application.

• Will not stop water penetration through structural cracks, defects or open joints.

• Limited effectiveness on some limestone and marble. Always test.

• Not available in all air quality management jurisdictions. Available in regulation-exempt small container sizes

Prosoco SLX100 Product Data Sheet

Prosoco SLX100 Safety Data Sheet

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