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PROSOCO HEAT - Hi-Performance Burnishing Pad for Concrete Floors - 27" Size

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Prosoco HEAT High Performance Burnishing Pad - 27 Inch Diameter - for Concrete Floors

Also available for in-store purchase at Rocket Supply 695 S Jason St, Denver, CO 80223

PROSOCO HEAT Pad - Hi-Performance Burnishing Pad for Concrete Floors - 27" Diameter

Prosoco Heat-Hi 27” Burnishing Pad for Concrete Flooring – designed for best use with Prosoco LSGuard. The 27 Inch Prosoco Burnishing Pad works using High-Heat - up to 91.5 degrees – heat is created from friction and melds Prosoco Consolideck LSGuard into concrete floors for gloss and durability beyond compare.  Prosoco Heat High-Performance Burnishing Pad quickly give you 91.5 Degree Temperature and maintains Hi-Heat longer than many burnishing pads, and the natural fibers combined with non-transferring resin creates great results - no more resin trails left on concrete floors after work is completed.

Double Sided for twice the service life, and at a great value. Prosoco Heat-Hi Burnishing Pads for Concrete Flooring are custom designed for use specifically with hardener/densifier Prosoco LSGuard.  The Heat-Hi 27" Burnishing Pad also works with many other hardened/densified products for concrete floors.  Purchase online at Rocket Supply today in the 27 Inch Size.  

Prosoco Heat – High Performance Burnishing Pad for Concrete Floors Features:

• Double-sided for double service life.

• Embedded heat-shield stops rising heat and bounces it back to the floor.

• All-natural fibers glued together with non-transferring resin – no resin trails left on floor.

• It’s custom-made for burnishing Prosoco LS Guard , but also brings out the shine on any hardened/densified products for concrete floors

• Available in 27 inch size.

• Great value for the low cost of burnishing pad.

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