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Nicolai Diamant Cheetah Blades for Cutting Granite and Quartz Material

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Nicolai Diamant Cheetah Blades for Quartz and Granite Material, available in 14 and 16 inch Diameters

Nicolai Diamant Cheetah Saw Blades for Granite and Quartz Cutting and Fabrication

Nicolai Cheetah Blades feature a silent core, 50/60 mm Bore, 25 mm height, and are available in 2 Diameters - 14 inch and 16 inch Diameter Sizes

Nicolai Cheetah Blades specifications

  • Silent Core
  • Best use on Quartz and Granite Surfaces
  • 14" or 16"Options for Nicolai Cheetah Blades
  • 3.2 mm for 14" Size, 3.4 mm for 16" Size
  • 25 mm Segment Height
  • 50/60 mm Bore

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