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Nacecare TTB 516 Auto Scrubber Rental

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Nacecare TTB 516  Auto Scrubber  Rental

NaceCare Battery Automatic Scrubber TTB 516 - 5 Gallon Capacity

With 45 - 60 minutes of run time, interchangeable battery pack and a 5 gallon solution capacity the TTB 516 (TTB 1840) is the professional choice in compact auto-scrubbers. The TTB 1840 features a pivoting squeegee coupled with a 300 watt vacuum motor for excellent water recovery. The recovery drain hose makes it easy to drain the tank without the need for lifting. The indicators located on the handle show you the status of the water, vacuum, brush motor and battery all in one convenient place. The battery pack consists of 12V; 18 hr. environmentally preferred gel battery. The included charger will charge the battery pack in 5 hours or less. Auto scrubber will get into all of those tight areas that other auto-scrubbers cannot. Essentially, it is a complete replacement for a mop and bucket system. Includes pad driver; scrub brush sold separately.

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