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Mixing Sticks - Box of 500

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Mixing Sticks - Box of 500

A flat scraping end and round stirring end. These mixing sticks are medical tongue depressors which work well for mixing small batches of epoxy. Mix paint colors, epoxy, resin, and more with this pack of versatile wooden stirrers. They have a sturdy quality that makes them resistant to breaking even when stirring thick liquids like epoxy or resin. Mix with ease without worrying about any splinters getting into your paint. These paint sticks are also wonderful tools to use for arts and crafts and even by home builders or paint contractors.

These plain mixing sticks are perfect canvases for various mediums. They are paintable, writeable, and stainable, making them wonderful tools for other crafts or projects. Crafters, hobbyists, professionals can use these items to get the job done. 

Strong, rigid wood sticks which are good for diverse purposes. Safe and economical 


Box of 500

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