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MIRACOTE MPC (Multipurpose Protective Coating) Regular Powder - 55 lb. Bag

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Miracote MPC Multipurpose Protective Coating for Concrete Repair and Protective Coating

Miracote MPC (Multipurpose Protective Coating) Regular Powder  

Miracote MPC Product is a versatile, multipurpose protective coating for concrete and a variety of other surfaces, including: concrete, masonry, metal, wood, and tile.  Choose between the Miracote MPC Natural Color Powder or the MPC White Powder. 

Miracote (MPC) Multipurpose Protective Coating is breathable, allowing for the transmission of moisture vapor from within concrete and other porous substrates, preventing blistering and delamination.  Miractote MPC Regular Powder Formula restores and protects concrete surfaces from exposure to chlorides, water intrusion, carbonation, freeze/thaw, and damage from impact and abrasion.  Miracote MPC Regular Powder is designed for both exterior and interior use.  It is durable and well suited for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. 

Miracote MPC Regular Powder is a polymerized, two component, cementitious protective coating. Miracote's Multipurpose Protective Coating Powder consists of a unique rubber-like polymer liquid that is mixed with a proprietary cement and aggregate blend, resulting in excellent adhesion and flexibility on concrete surfaces and many other substrates.  This cementitious protective coating from Miracote has scientifically superior technology that makes Miracote MPC White and Natural Powder ideal for concrete resurfacing and protection applications.  Prevent concrete damage from water, chlorides, and carbon dioxide (CO2)

Miracote MPC Product Applications include:

  • Resurface and Restore Concrete, Masonry, Metal, Wood and Tile Substrates
  • Deferred Concrete Floor Toppings
  • Commercial, Retail, and Residential Flooring
  • Raised access floor waterproofing
  • Food and Beverage Areas
  • Mechanical Equipment Rooms 
  • Parking Garages and Ramps

 Miracote MPC Powder Features:

  • Excellent Resistance to Freeze/Thaw Cycles, Heavy Impact, and Abrasion
  • Water Vapor Permeable - reduces corrosion of rebar and metal material
  • Prevents intrusion of water, chlorides, and carbon dioxide
  • Flexible - extensive matching of colors and textures
  • Excellent Adhesion and Flexibility on concrete and many other substrates


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