Metabo Dustless Shroud Kit - 7 Inch


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Metabo 7" Dust Shroud Kit for Handheld Surface Diamond Cup Wheel Grinder.  The Metabo 7 inch convertible shroud is used for concrete surface prep using 7" diamond cup wheels.

Remove dust and debris during grinding applications quickly and efficiently with Metabo's attachable dustless shroud kit. Durable, pliable and easy to use, simply attach to your favorite Metabo grinder and work dust free.


  • Constructed of virgin polyurethane to remain pliable and retain shape in all conditions
  • Convertible feature allows grinding up to walls and edges with no secondary work needed to clean up corners
  • Accepts standard vinyl vacuum hose cuffs for dust extraction systems
  • Includes shim washers to accept all 7 in. x 5/8-11 nut diamond cut wheels

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