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Integra Adhesives Surface Bonder Zero - 250 ml

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Integra Adhesives Surface Bonder Zero - 250 ml

The Non-Sag Seaming Adhesive

Surface Bonder Zero is a non sagging adhesive specifically designed for Quartz, Compact Sintered Materials and Natural Stone products. Its non-sag properties make it ideal for mitered edges, the adhesive stays right where you put it. Surface Bonder Zero is also great for vertical applications making it an ideal adhesive for deck seam installations in the field. No drips, no mess.

Surface Bonder Zero comes packaged in our 250ml 10:1 cartidges and is compatible with the standard Integra Adhesives 250ml dispenser, as well as any other 250ml dispensers of your choice. Surface Bonder Zero is currently offered in 45 colors, matching the most popular Quartz, Compact Sintered Materials and Stone designs in the industry. There is also a wide range of true whites available for all the trending white Quartz and Natural Stone slabs.


See all color swatches here.

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